Plastics have added another quality to scenery construction, with a variety of different types available, there is one for every task.  Thinner, lighter and stronger polycarbonates can now provide a safer option to glass for windowpanes or doors.  

There are acrylics for floor coverings that are strong enough to walk on while others can be used to clad a flown scenic element providing a robust solution with reduced weight.  They can provide a great finish in their own right, are available in a range of colours, are an excellent medium to backlight, a smooth surface to cover and are a suitable material for construction.

The five clock surrounds were created by router cutting circles from 25mm thick acrylic, polishing the edges to provide a clear, smooth finish, and applying different coloured vinyl to the reverse face.


These clear trap lids were created by mounting 25mm thick acrylic to purpose made steel frames and set into the stage’s existing openings.


The three timber frames are clad in a translucent twin wall polycarbonate to provide a surface to light through and project on.


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