Automated Podium Lid (Fit-up Stage)  


With no wires visible and no one seen to be manually opening the lid, the top of this podium "magically" opens to reveal its hidden secret.

This podium was designed with two purposes. Firstly, and for the majority of the performance, it acted as a stepped, circular rostra in the centre of the space. However at one point during the show, the scene's setting is in a bathroom and instead of bringing on a variety of props to demonstrate this fact, the podium transforms itself into a luxury tub with ease using two robust electric actuators.

This video shows the piece being tested during the fit-up stage.


Bullet Hits  


"As the Hostage Rescue Team force entry in to the church, gunfire can be heard feintly in the background. Gradually the volume of the gunfire increases as the soldiers draw closer to the location then, six rapid shots ring out..." 

This project was designed to explore the use of compressd air to create the effect of bullets impacting on a brick & plaster wall. 
After recording fabricated sample boards being shot at with different calibres & at different distances, I created the "wall" & hits for these to appear from, based on what I had seen from the video footage.
The final result wasn't too bad though there were a number of changes/improvements discussed during the evaluation.

One unfortunate part to this video is that while it is possible to hear the soundscape during the piece, it is competing with a leaf blower which happened to be passing outside the workshop at the time!



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