Pneumatic and hydraulic systems offer practical and often simple solutions for moving and manipulating scenic elements.  Large heavy objects can be moved, seemingly effortlessly, while creating a visual moment of magic as they appear to move unaided.  They can be incorporated into traps and lifts under a stage floor, revolving elements on the stage itself or even for making bullet holes appear in a wall.

Pneumatic tubes connect a solenoid and manifold assembly to the reverse flat enabling compressed air to be forced through each pipe to give the effect of a bullet impact on the front of the flat


This revolve is secured to the stage via a central pivot and sits on additional slave wheels mounted on the framework. A hydraulic motor is clamped to its outer edge enabling it to be rotated in both directions.


A hydraulic motor, mounted onto the framework of stage truck, powers a wheel which moves the unit on and off the stage remotely


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